Melanie Ramos: An #NDNSatHOME Story

Halee Rhoades, NDN Press

Melanie Ramos
Melanie Ramos is a senior at PN-G.

Melanie Ramos is a senior at PN-G. On a normal school day, she is involved in tennis, SkillsUSA, DECA, G-Crew and Key Club. This is her #NDNSatHOME story.

Q: How do you keep yourself busy at home?
A: I’ve started my own routine which includes walking my two dogs, working out, and cleaning around the house.

Q: What is something fun you’ve done this week?
A: Walking my dogs. Even during times like this they always manage to make me smile.

Q: What is one thing you’ve wanted to do this week?
A: Hang out with my friends. We’ve had to cancel our plans several times now.

Q: How do you like the online assignments? Are they easy or hard?
A: My assignments so far have been easy. Although, I find myself struggling with math at the moment.

Q: What is one thing you miss from school? Why?
A: My tennis family. We had a tournament in Galveston which we’ve been looking forward to all year.

Q: How do you feel about no more toilet paper in the stores?
A: At first I found it funny until my family almost ran out the other day. Luckily my mom was able to snag one of the last remaining packets.

Q: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen or heard throughout this experience?
A: I heard that citizens in India must do squats if caught outside by police.

Q: If you had one message to tell your classmates right now, what would it be?
A: Stay home, save lives. By simply staying at home, we can lessen or impact on the virus, and hopefully be bake to continue all the fun activities we have remaining for this school year.

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