Chelsea Seymour: An #NDNSatHOME Story

Emily Smith, Pow Wow Editor

Chelsea Seymour
Chelsea Seymour is a senior at PN-G.

Chelsea Seymour is a senior at PN-G. On a normal school day, she is involved as a peer tutor and choir. This is her #NDNSatHOME story.

Q: What’s the first thing you want to do when things go back to “normal?”
A: When everything gets back to normal I really want to hang out with my friends as much as I can and make a ton of memories.

Q: What’s one positive thing you think you can pull away from this situation?   
A: The Adopt-a-Senior effort the community put together — it has really gotten the seniors involved in the community and the community involved with the seniors. I think it’s amazing.

Q: What have you learned about yourself while distance learning has been in place?
A: I need to talk to people and be around people. It’s hard to learn when you can’t ask a teacher questions directly and hard when you can’t talk to your friends face to face.

Q: If 2020 had a theme song what do you think it would be?     
A: “You Are The Reason,” by Calum Scott.

Q: Have you taken up any new hobbies with all the free time? What are they?  
A: I have cleaned my room several times, I have also found that I am really good at drawing and coloring with chalk!

Q: What’s your favorite distance learning class and why?  
A: Peer tutor. I get to send stuff to my kids to show them how much I love them and show them I’m still thinking about them.

Q: Finally, what message would you like to give to your fellow classmates?
A: We have all gone through so much and I can only imagine how much more we will go through. All I can say is keep your head up high. Everything happens for a reason, this could be a blessing in disguise, but you’ll never know unless you keep going.

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