OPINION: No mask, no service


Andrew Howlett, NDN Press

Face masks — like them or not — are new accessories becoming a crucial addition to society. They have generally been shunned upon by those who wish to discredit their use in public.

So, why not embrace them?

Fashion in America is just as crucial as the masks. Fashion is its own culture, with entire populations of the community dedicated to creating beautiful new outfits for the most trendy to strut around in. Models can make an entire career out of simply being paid to wear clothes.

Wouldn’t that be an idealistic future — to be paid to wear your face mask?

The simpler, blue, paper-thin masks do not collaborate well with the average color scheme, so original styles would have to be implemented. Whole outfits could be created around the design on the model’s face — and the opposite can be true as well. As easily as someone can put a scarf on top of a winter sweater, they can add a mask to a full-piece suit.

Imagine wearing a Gucci mask. Yes, it would be expensive — although it would make users safe from the virus while becoming the most largely coveted accessory on the market.

As they are, masks can certainly be seen as annoying and oppressive. Though, we have the power to accept fate, roll along with it and accept masks into a new part of culture.

For as long as this virus is with us, we may as well make the most of what we have. What we have are masks — and, if used properly — a statement.