Registration still open for international trips

Any students interested in going on a trip to a foreign country in 2020 should talk to Mrs. Haycock or Mrs. Perkinz in rooms 1204 and 1302.

Both teachers are part of a trio leading summer trips to Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

“A lot of students have never been outside the United States before,” Laura Haycock, teacher, said.

“These trips give students an opportunity to experience other places.”

All three 2020 summer trips are still open for enrollment by students and parents.

“All of the tours are comprised of educational destinations,” Haycock said. “These trips have a strong focus on learning experiences.”

Trips are not organized by the school, but are sponsored by Education First, an organization focusing on foreign experiences for students.

“There hasn’t been a program like this in a long time, and our first trip was in 2016,” Haycock said. “I’ve had nothing but positive responses from students who went on these trips.”

There will be an adult chaperon for every six students on a trip.

“It was kind of life changing,” Alexus Allen, senior, said. “It helped me decide what I want to do when I graduate.”

Allen went on a trip to Italy and Greece when she was sophomore. Visiting the villages and seeing the landscapes were a high point of her trip.

“I would definitely recommend going on one of these trips,” Allen said. “What have you got to lose by going?”