New librarian checks back in to The Reservation


Aly Boleyn

Candace Curran is the new head librarian at PN-G.

Landon Mangus, NDN Press

For those who haven’t been by, the school library has a new addition to check out: the new school head librarian, Candice Curran. 


“PN-G is a great place to work,” Curran said. “The library here is great, so I haven’t had to change much.”


Curran graduated from PN-G and taught here as an English teacher for six years.


“I’ve been in education for 13 years,” Curran said. “I really like it here.”


When asked what she thinks about the school library, Curran stated that she thinks it’s “amazing.”


“The librarians before me have gone to great effort to make this school’s library as great as it is,”  Curran said. “Everyone has been really helpful.”


“Everyday is something new as a librarian,” Curran said. “I help kids in a lot of different ways.”


When asked whether young people read enough, Curran said “It’s kind of a mixed bag.”


“I have some kids who come in and get a new book every two days,” Curran said. “Some people just need to find something good to read.”


Curran has stated that she plans to expand the library’s fiction section.


“The library is really somewhere to be yourself,” Curran said. “I want everyone to feel comfortable here in the library.”