Want to be more involved? Join NDN Press!!

Mr. Tobias, NDN Press Adviser

Want to be more involved in high school? Join NDN Press. We’re the school’s fully-functional multimedia organization in charge of telling the story of PN-G.

Here is the link to our 2020-21 NDN Press Course Catalog. Please refer to this when speaking with your counselor about which course to choose:


We’re in charge of producing the War Whoop yearbook, Pow Wow newspaper, NDNPress.com (this website) and all of our NDN Press social media content.

We’re skilled photographers and storytellers, learning how to communicate through mass media avenues.

We’re at every athletic game, theatre production, band and choir concert, pep rally — and more. We also compete in UIL Academic journalism competitions with opportunities to compete against other schools in the local, regional and state level.

There is also an NDN Press Club, which serves as the organization’s service arm, volunteering for concession stand duties and learning more about careers from communication professionals.

For more information, please contact NDN Press adviser Mike Tobias at: [email protected].