Changes coming for NDN Press’ presence online


Mr. Tobias

PN-G High School’s Pow Wow newspaper is now available online and will be updated on a daily basis.

Payton Lee, Editor

The NDN Press has gained a following outside of school this year by increasing its social media footprint.

Under the guidance of our new instructor, Mr. Mike Tobias, we’ve ramped up our efforts in getting local information out to our followers.

We have been making short video commercials  and graphic design posts for several different student organizations.The coming year will see an additional asset to our online presence — a website, This new website will act as a portal to information about school events, a news outlet for coverage about school events, including sports, a link to buy our War Whoop yearbook and other useful functions. Above all, the site will allow NDN Press another outlet to display some of the more in-depth work produced by our advanced students.

News briefs, features and photo galleries will include pictures taken by the NDN Press photographers which typically haven’t had a home for publication in the past.

NDN Press attempts to go to every event and we work hard to capture the moments that the fellow students are making.

“Once I arrived here, I knew the tradition and excitement that came with producing a Pow Wow newspaper,” Mr. Tobias said.

“I don’t aim to replace the print Pow Wow — we will produce issues in the fall and spring — but with the website, we will be able to publish work on a much more regular basis and in a manner that better reflects the digital age. I think our social media followers will enjoy it and more importantly, our entire PN-G community will enjoy and benefit from it.”