Ja’Naye DeRouen: An #NDNSatHOME Story

Emily Smith, Pow Wow Editor

Ja’Naye DeRouen
Ja’Naye DeRouen is a senior at PN-G.

Ja’Naye DeRouen is a senior at PN-G. On a normal school day, she is involved in varsity track and works at Tony’s Barbecue (Memorial location). This is her #NDNSatHOME story.

Q: What’s the first thing you want to do when things go back to “normal?”  
A: See all of my teachers and friends face to face versus through Google Classroom or social media.

Q: What’s one positive thing you think you can pull away from this situation?
Make the most of each today, don’t wait until tomorrow. Who would have ever thought this would be the longest Spring Break ever!

Q: What have you learned about yourself while distance learning has been in place?
Make the most of every situation. For example, I changed my studying environment, purchased a mini-pool and studied outside with my siblings.

Q: If 2020 had a theme song what do you think it would be?
 “We Gon’ Be Alright,” by Tye Tribbett.

Q: Have you taken up any new hobbies with all the free time? What are they?  
A: Yes, making wrist and ankle bracelets. Also, narrowing down color scheme options and purchasing items for my dorm room.

Q: What’s your favorite distance learning class and why?  
A: AP Calculus. Although it is distance learning Ms. Hamilton connects with videos. The assignments are personable and I am sitting in class everyday.

Q: Finally, what message would you like to give to your fellow classmates?  
A: Everyone (Dr. Scott Ryan, Mr. Deckart, Mrs. Faircloth, Teachers, Administration, Staff, Adoptive Parents, Our PN-G community, etc.) has done their part to ensure we have the BEST Senior year ever. I WILL see you at one of the Senior Milestone Event Options. Finish Strong — the race is not given to the swift nor the strong but he who endures until the end. A DELAY is not a DENIAL. See you soon!

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