Bradee Ross: An #NDNSatHOME Story


Kim Ross

Bradee Ross is an 8th grade student at Port Neches Middle School.

Halee Rhoades, NDN Press

Bradee Ross is an 8th grade student at Port Neches Middle School. During normal school days, she is involved in the student PTA, National Junior Honor Society, First Priority and tumbling. She spends her afternoons dancing for her mother Kim Ross’ dance studio, Danceworks, in Groves. This is her #NDNSatHOME story.

Q: How do you keep yourself busy at home?
A: Chores, dance, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, Snapchat and TikTok.

Q: What is something fun you’ve done this week?
A: Swam. Dance, helping teach and take live online dance classes. Spent time with the family.

Q: What is one thing you have wanted to do this week (but couldn’t)?
A: Spend time with my friends

Q: How do you like the online assignments? Are they easy or hard?
A: I like them they are easy, but I would rather be at school.

Q: What is one thing you miss from school? Why?
A: My friends, because that is time we can see each other and talk because the evenings are so busy with all of us going different directions. I just really miss them.

Q: How do you feel about no more toilet paper in the stores?
A: I need my toilet paper.

Q: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen or heard throughout this experience?
A: They are bringing in refrigerated trucks to store bodies in. This is unbelievable.

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