Powerlifters looking for strong follow-up meet

Both girls and boys powerlifting teams had outstanding performances during the meet at Bridge City on Thursday, Feb. 6. 

Alice Myers, sophomore, placed first place for the girls at the meet in the 114-pound class. Also placing in the meet were: Gabbi Falgout, senior (second place, 181-pound class),  Brynleigh Curtis (second place, 220-pound class), Lakota Reynolds (third place, 181-pound class), Savannah Roberts (fourth place, 198-pound class), , Amy Velasco (fifth place, 165-pound class) and Nicole Wiltz (fifth place, 259-pound class).

“As a team we did a great job helping each other prepare for our lifts,” Myers said. “Our next meet is this (tonight). I think I’ll try my best to match my performance in the last meet. Hopefully, we’ll all improve.”

Four athletes placed first for the boys. Raymon Castaneda, sophomore, placed first for the boys at the meet in the 123-pound class. Also placing first in the meet were: Jacob Smith (181-pound class), Randall Bouguet (275-pound class) and Donald Kinnett (123-pound class).

Each team is back in action tonight (Feb. 13) at West Brook High School in Beaumont.